The Journey Begins

Creation is only a thought-beat away…

What a joy to have you come along with me on this journey… wherever it may take us. Where that is, I can’t say.

But we will walk together down the streets of Rome, by a quiet babbling stream, or stand next to the waters edge as the great Niagara plummets o’er the precipice.

We may find ourselves stepping along a babble of beauty or a bustling of perspective. It may be effervesced with spurts of words or photo-presented.

We will be sure to throw in a poem or a short story… or painting or travel path.

Spirit breathed from above and within, organic, adventuresome or merely a quiet thoughtful moment; these are the musings I hold before a blank palette.

Please feel free to share your own word-bursts in the comments…(life-giving, Spirit empowering, joy-filled, heart-felt. A non-controversial, safe-space as we dip our brushes into colors unknown, painting joy and mystery in a virtual space).

With peaceful expectations,

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